Finding the Right Bouquet Style

Posted by cfalk on Dec 30, 2010

As you start to plan your wedding, you will quickly realize that there are many, many details to be finalize. One of the first things you should discuss with your floral designer is the shape and style of your bouquet. You may not realize that there are several shapes and styles of bouquets which all will have an impact on the look and style of your wedding. Before meeting with your floral designer, study up on bouquet terminology so you can easily communicate your vision.

A “nosegay” is a small bunch of flowers. Nosegays are a great alternative to a corsage for the Mother/Grandmother of the Bride and Groom. Nosegays can also be used for petite brides, junior bridesmaids and flower girls.

The “round” bouquet is exactly how it sounds, a round bunch of flowers. Round bouquets are easily achieved when using all one flower variety (typically larger in size), such as roses, mums or hydrangeas. Round bouquets create a very clean and simple look and feel.

A “hand-tied” bouquet is most commonly seen and used. A hand-tied bouquet is typically less formal and has a more relaxed and gathered feel. With hand-tied bouquets, you can have a larger variety of flower choices mixed all together. The stems are usually wrapped with ribbon, lace or twine. The hand tied bouquet is great for rustic or seaside weddings or any other informal wedding style.

“Cascade” bouquets are not as commonly seen today but are slowly coming back. The cascade sets a much more formal feel for the wedding, bringing with it the structure and tradition of weddings from decades past. Cascade bouquets are best fit for formal church weddings. The cascade is most elegant with the use of phalaenopsis orchids.

“Pageant” bouquets are rarely seen in weddings but are nevertheless still available. Pageant bouquets are very similar to what you would see at a pageant – the bride rests the flowers in her arms, rather than upright in her hands. Pageant bouquets may sound formal, however when wild flowers and branches are used instead of roses, the look can be perfect for a woodsy, outdoor wedding.

A “pomander” is a round ball of flowers, strung on ribbon. Pomanders are best suited for flower girls to carry, as they are usually more “cute” than “stunning.” Pomanders are great for creating a fun and happy atmosphere at your wedding.

Images: Pageant Bouquet; All others: Christa Rose