Find Your Seat!

Posted by lotus on Mar 06, 2012

In all my planning, it’s funny the things that seem so minor that turn into such a big deal for me. One of these, has always been ….. escort cards!

Honestly, until I got engaged, I did not know the difference between seating cards and escort cards. I am pretty sure that I am not alone in this. Right? (See here for a simple and easy explanation if you’re unsure like I was!)

I knew that I wanted really cool escort cards. And I wanted to somehow tie in our “nautical” theme. I didn’t want just cards on a table, I wanted something fun.
Here were a few of the ideas I was loving 🙂

These seem like they might be a lot of work, but who doesn’tlove a message in a bottle?

/Image via

I love these ribbon boards! So creative! / Image via 
I love bakers twine. And the sandbox! / Image via
I am a sucker for starfish!! And again with the sandbox! / Image via

I also knew that I wanted something that I could DIY. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on paper products, because let’s be honest, people don’t save their escort cards. I also thought about attaching them to a favor, something like this:

Sailor knot bracelets! How fitting! They could be
displayed with a tag attached with the guest name and seat / Image via
Local jam is cute and yummy! / Image via
Nothing was really sticking out though, or seemed right. Finally I decided to put all my favorite ideas together and see what I could come up with. Here’s a sneak peek!!

I absolutely LOVE them. And they were honestly, so easy to make. Granted, I have to make 175 of them, so I’m sure I’ll be cursing myself soon, but I’m so excited to get them all finished!

I promise to share my DIY instructions in my next post!
Did anyone else have some confusion with escort/seating cards? Do you have any fun ideas for how you’ll show your guests to their seats?