Find the “Niche” & Creat your “Style”

Posted by fkhosravi on Dec 29, 2010

Although I believe most of us already know what and how we want the style of our wedding to be, but sometimes we end up with so many choices that we even get confused. I always recommend the inspiration board; I believe it is a must. However, I have seen my brides coming to my office with an album full of pictures that they have collected over time and I must say most of the times there are so many different design styles and colors that they do not match.

I have always said, “You can’t have everything you like at the same time and at the same place” that creates a design disaster. I advise my brides to go back and find the “niche”, the “one thing” that no matter what they must have, that “one thing” that appears almost everywhere.

Sometimes the easiest way to find your style is to look around and perhaps get to know yourself a little better. Above is a collection of some pictures I like (most of them I don’t even remember where they came from). Everytime I see something I like I cut and paste it to my album and keep it. When it’s time for inspiration and creation, my album is the first place I go to.

Most of us have used different colors, enjoyed different flowers and wore different styles. Nevertheless, there is always the real “you” that you need to find.

Sometimes it is hard to be as specific as I am; I get that, so find something you really like. A piece of fabric, a ring, a beautiful serving dish or anything that inspires you to decorate and style your wedding around it.

Sometimes a simple serving bowl, a vase or a piece of furniture can be the “niche” of your design. Recently a candleholder was my inspiration and I managed to put a gathering around it…it was all about that one candleholder. It inspired me to decorate a table around it. It was the center of my design and the high light of my night. Everytime I looked at that candleholder, it gave me ideas for the rest of the setups.

In making a decision about the style of your wedding find what inspires “you”, find what is that one piece, color, or shape that makes you happy and represents you and design around it.

I recently ran into and saw a few very nice inspiration boards:

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