Kelly & Aaron

November 3

Los Angeles, California 


Q & A with the Bride: 

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

I had planned to see five sites that day and as soon as I walked into the room, I was overcome with emotion. I wanted a grand vintage feeling, and a room that could accommodate 300 guests and our family’s wallet – and it had that and more. The history of the station is so rich and the architecture and glamour really resonated with me. It was so gorgeous on it’s own that we didn’t need to spend as much time or money on transforming it and could focus on things like snagging our dream photographers.

 2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. Our silverware! As odd as that sounds, our amazing caterer had bought all of the original silverware from the Stardust Hotel before it was closed and that’s what we used.

2. My husband’s aunt made mustaches and red lips out of felt and put them on sticks. Three hundred of them! We encouraged our guests to be silly!

3. For my ceremony, I wore my mother’s shoes from her wedding to my father. My parents are no longer together but something about wearing those shoes and honoring my parents in this small way was magnificent to me.

3. Give us the one moment in your wedding you can’t stop thinking about. 

At one point during our ceremony, our officiant, my husband’s best friend’s father, pulled us back from the altar a good distance from the crowd and said, “Remember this moment right now. During all the days of your marriage, good and bad, always come back to this moment.” I was so grateful to have that few minutes to stand with my husband and just be with him in the midst of our big day. I will never, never forget that.







Photography: Troy Grover Photographers | Venue: Los Angeles Union Station | Event Planner: LVL Events | Caterer: Monorose Catering