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We received so many etiquette questions last week, and wanted to do our best to answer them all. So every week, we’ll answer one of your queries.

Heather asks (via Facebook): I am 8 weeks into a new job, and my invitations go out today. I work for the CEO of a startup, and we share an office. He’s very kind and fun to be around, he knows when we are getting married and is excited for us. So, I feel like I should invite him (and his wife and child) to our wedding; but I also feel like I may be overstepping. Do I invite their family or not? Should I wait another four weeks and then decide? What is the right way to do this?

There are lots of ways to answer this question, but here’s our rule of thumb: Only invite those from your workplace who you are friends with outside of the office. So if you’re not hanging out with your boss and his family outside of work hours, you should probably steer clear of inviting him to your wedding – it’s likely he would decline the invitation anyway. We don’t think he’ll be insulted, but if for some reason he asks why he wasn’t invited, just say that you’re keeping the guest list to close family and friends. But just to be safe, try to avoid chatting about your wedding too much at work – you don’t want anyone to assume they’ll be invited.

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