Engagement Photos (Round 1)

Posted by rose on Nov 09, 2012
This past weekend Rose Dude and I had our first round of engagement pictures taken. Although we have been fortunate to have really nice weather here in Oregon, I wanted to wait until the end of summer/early fall for our horse pictures to be taken. The reason? I wanted to have the ground dry enough so that we could have our favorite animal, hobby and family members in our pictures, our HORSES!

My friend Barb is an amazing photographer and has a lot of experience in taking horse pictures, so I asked her to take some pictures of us with our special four-legged friends. Bryon’s horse did really well (he is the dark brown horse) and my girl, Annie, also did well with the exception of trying to get her ears to perk forward (we were lucky a couple times)

In two weeks we are going to have a second round of pictures with Bryon’s kids, and I am really looking forward to having these taken as well. Hopefully soon after, I can order our save-the-date cards.

Best wishes!

Rose Bud

Barb did an amazing job of capturing the beauty of our horses