Drinks that tell a story

Posted by rnewton on Apr 20, 2009

Storytelling details are a great way to personalize your wedding, and “signature drinks” are a terrific example of this.  A couple years ago a bride whose wedding I was planning told me that her father was the CEO of a well known American whiskey producer.  We decided that we would incorporate this whiskey into a signature drink for the evening.  Within days the company drink masters came up with a couple suggested cocktails, and we had a lot of fun deciding which one to use.

Of course, for it to be meaningful, guests need to be aware of it.  Sometimes, this is the more challenging  aspect.  In this case, we took a multi-faceted approach to sharing the story and importance of this drink:

  • we made sure that all the bartenders and servers were informed, and asked them to be ready to share the story with the guests.
  • as guests arrived, they were greeted by servers with trays of the signature cocktail*
  • we had story signs made which we put on the bars.  So as to retain the evening’s elegance, they were small and hand written by the same calligrapher that addressed the invitations and escort cards.
  • as party favors, we had miniature bottles of the whiskey.  To each bottle we attached a tag with the story of the drink on one side and the recipe on the other.

Not only were we able to tell a great story, but we also had a terrific party favor.

*  It’s a very nice touch to have servers greet arriving guests with trays of cocktails or Champagne.  However, if you do this, it’s important to also have glasses of sparkling or bottled water on these trays – you never want your guests to feel compelled to drink an alcoholic beverage.