Quick recap:

Round one: Initial trying on. Stress level = low. Thoughts of dream dress coming to life.

Round two: Hello, Kleinfelds. Randy – I heart you, and the dress you chose for me. Olive Mom and Olive Family aren’t sold.

Round three: Leave Kleinfeld’s empty handed. Research cheaper options of the dream dress. Make new appointment at Kleinfelds. Stress level – getting higher.

And now – finally – I can say that after the last trip to Kleinfeld, I happily bought the dress of my dreams. Did I do the research on other, similar styles and try them on? Absolutely. But – the winner that Randy picked for me was the dress, and nothing else ever seemed to compare to it.

Olive Mom and I went to Kleinfeld alone, which I think was a great idea. Olive Mom had kind of warmed up to the fact that the dress of my dreams probably wouldn’t be what she was originally envisioning for me. So, she decided it should be her who would compromise – and I should get what I wanted. And I love her for that. [Quick sidenote – we heard TWO other mother/daughter shoppers disagreeing on what type of dress they should wear. Guess it’s a common theme between modern brides and their more traditional mothers!]

She took a bunch of pictures of me like a proud mama would once I told our consultant we were purchasing – and I even managed to get a few tears when I thanked her and said I truly felt like a million bucks.

So – what did I learn from this process? To go with your gut. I’m still early in the planning but have gotten a bunch of things done and find myself sometimes second guessing my decisions. [Did I pick the right photographer? Should I have tried on more dresses? That DJ was good, right?] If we constantly worry about every decision we are going to make during our engagement period, we will seriously drive ourselves (and future husbands, and MOH’s, and friends) nuts. Everything works out the way it is supposed to, and your gut instinct is normally right. I mean heck – how many of us can say we had a gut feeling when we met/kissed/fell in love with our Dudes that we knew they were the one? I know I can. 🙂