Dress Shopping: Round 3

Posted by olive on Aug 31, 2011

I know that the wedding dress search is one of the funnest aspects of planning and one of the biggest parts of “the day” as a whole – but man – I did NOT know that there would be a 3-part – ahem,- ‘saga’ – that would be surrounding my pick.

Well, she looks relaxed.

For those of you who did not read my last post – here is a brief synopsis: I’m at Kleinfeld’s, Randy (love!) recommends a dress for me that is at the peak of my budget, I try it on anyway, I fall in love, I walk out of the room to meet my mini-entourage.

I wish I could say I was surprised by the fact that Olive Mom and I had different tastes in what we liked/disliked about certain gowns – but I did have a feeling that this would happen. To say enough so that you get my gist without completely giving away what dresses I liked – it boils down to a core disagreement. Olive Mom is a huge fan of embellishments in the form of sparkles, lace, etc….while Olive Bud is, well, not.

I’m not against embellishments (see this post about how I actually thought I changed my mind about them in Round 1) – but the dress I had on happened to have none. And I loved it. And I didn’t care. However, Olive Mom, Olive Grandma, and Olive Aunt were not so keen on this dress. To them, it looked plain.

I know this is the part of the story where some of you will just be itching to comment, “It’s your day, your dress, do what you want, etc.” But, at least for me, I wanted Olive Mom to love the dress as much as I did – especially since it was at the top of our budget and she had generously offered to buy my dress. This was the point of the day where we both realized that we probably would never totally love the same dress. Womp.

So, back in the dressing room I go. I try on a few more, all with no avail. Olive Mom slowly starts to realize that I think I’ve found it, and am now comparing all dresses to the one I had just had on. We end the day with Olive Mom telling me that she wants me to be happy and if I really love “the dress” then I should just get it because in the end, it is my day. I tell her that because of the price, I want to sleep on it and see if I still love it as much as I thought I did in the morning.

Well, I do. It’s been about 3 weeks since my Kleinfeld trip. I’ve done research on similar gowns that look almost identical to the original one I liked. The new plan is that I am going back up to New York to try those dresses on – with JUST Olive Mom this time. If, at the end of the day, none of them do it for me, we’re getting the initial dress. At least this way I will know I scouted all options before it was bought, and it  truly was “the one”.

So – fingers crossed that my next post will not be titled “Dress Shopping: Round 4” – but something along the lines of “WOOHOO! I got me a dress!” 🙂

***A helpful tip I did learn during this process – tax on wedding dresses is no joke. In NY, clothing tax is about 9%-which can easily add at least $100-$200 to your dress price. Since Olive Mom and I were working within the constraints of our budget, tax and alterations would put us over. Now, this only works if you buy your dress in a different state than you live – but I learned that if you ship your dress to another state, you are not responsible to pay any sales tax unless that store has a location within the state that you shipped it to. So, shipping a dress from Kleinfeld New York, to where I live in Maryland, will definitely save us some money. Sorry Uncle Sam. 🙂

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