Down the Aisle

Posted by violet on May 07, 2012

When I was a little girl and I pictured my wedding day, I always assumed I would be wearing a white dress with a HUGE train walking down the aisle of a church to meet my Prince Charming (who may or may not have looked like any of the Backstreet Boys, Hanson, or Jonathan Taylor Thomas…depending on the day you asked me…) But, now that I’m faced with walking down the aisle to meet my true Prince Charming in just over 15 months, my view of how things will go is majorly different.

As you saw, my dress has a pretty long train. It’s also a very formal dress, which makes our wedding a little more formal just by itself. When I found the dress, I had a slight moment of terror when I realized that having a wedding at any place other than a church just wouldn’t do my dress justice. I imagined it something like this…

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OK…so maybe it wouldn’t be in Westminster Abbey and it wouldn’t be nationally televised…but I’d have a long aisle to walk down in my dress with the beautiful train. A girl can dream, right?

Well, after we found our reception venue, we started looking around for a church in the area and we ran in to a few problems. Some of them I expected, such as fees and a necessary counseling session or two with the pastor who would marry us. I didn’t ever dream that we’d be required to go to six weeks of classes or become (paying) members of that church (remember that our venue is 45 minutes away from us) for at least six months before being married. The idea of a beautiful church wedding quickly started slipping away.

Fortunately for us, our venue has an absolutely beautiful area with a canopy of tulle and a beautiful lighted arbor where we can get married. It may not be a church wedding, but at least we won’t have to worry about our guests finding their way to and from the ceremony to the reception. And we also won’t have to worry about rushing around to take pictures after the wedding…that can all be done while the guests are having their cocktail hour at the same place!

It may not be the wedding I always dreamed about as a little girl, but I know that it will be special nevertheless. I just had to remind myself that the ceremony is only going to be 20-30 minutes out of a very long day and that in the end, where we get married doesn’t matter…it’s the fact that we’re there in front of all our family and friends to say I do!