Don’t Forget…Your Vendors

Posted by Caitlin on Jun 17, 2013


Photo by: Reese Moore Weddings

This week on the blog, we’re reminding you to make a list and check it twice because you never know what you’ll forget. For example: vendors, who are with you ALL day long.

1. Check In and Confirm – Reiterate directions, emergency contact numbers and day-of schedule.

2. Prepare Final Payments – Pay your vendors ahead of time so you don’t have to remember what is owed to whom on your wedding day.

3. Save Receipts – After your vendors have collected your final payments, ask each of them to provide a receipt for your files.

4. Create Tip Envelopes  – Instead of pulling out a wad of cash from someone’s wallet, create envelopes with each vendors name on it and insert the correct amounts.

5. Don’t Let Them Go Hungry or Thirsty – Make sure your caterer can feed and hydrate your vendors, in addition to your guests, at a specific time. Normally, this is included in your contract, but double-check.

6. Thank Yous  – Let your vendor know that you appreciated their services with a review on WeddingWire.

Have you checked these items of your list? Share in the comments below!