Don’t Clown Around With Your Makeup

Posted by ddrenner on Mar 28, 2011
Whether I am shooting a wedding, executive portrait or actor’s headshot, people often ask me if they need to do anything special with their makeup for the camera. My answer: Not really.
Back in the days when we were shooting lots of black-and-white film, you would need to keep in mind how certain colors would render in shades of gray.  Bright reds lips could turn dark grey or even black, transforming elegant ladies into goth princesses. What looked good in real life didn’t necessarily look good on film, and vice versa. With today’s color digital cameras however, what you see with your eyes is pretty much what you get “on film.”
Veteran Maryland Makeup artist Debbie Federico advises people to keep it subtle, accentuating one’s natural features without going overboard. She also asks her clients what they normally do with their makeup and tunes her own work accordingly, or as she says “I basically do what they do every morning, but more professionally.”

The best makeup is barely noticeable!

For brides usually who don’t wear any makeup, she uses a very light touch. You don’t want someone feeling uncomfortable with their face on their wedding day. Ideally, she says, brides should come in for a trial run before the big day.