Dollar Store Centerpieces

Posted by bridalbuds on Apr 11, 2011

I found myself stressing out way too much over our centerpieces. In the grand scheme of our wedding, they aren’t my top priority. So the fact that I was even stressing out about them was stressing me out.

Orchid FMIL offered to give us $300 to put toward the centerpieces. Since that was my entire decorations budget, I knew I’d be way under. I had pretty much made up my mind that I was doing some seashells in a vase with some candles. But, I felt like I needed something more. I just wasn’t sure what. I also wasn’t 100 percent sold on the candle idea.  Considering my reception will be held in the middle of the day in a large window-filled room, candles seem unnecessary.

Through the amazing share-fest that is Twitter and my girl, Alicia at The Charity Wedding, I came across this link on Luna and Chloe Weddings, featuring a photo of rope inside a glass vase. How wonderfully simple is it!? I showed the photo to Orchid Boy and he wasn’t swayed.

Suddenly, a brainstorm erupted over my head.

I took a Partylite votive holder that already held some seashells and stuck a little bit of string in it. Ta da! Perfect example.

Orchid Boy loved it.

Now to excute it.

The Project

I headed to the local Dollar Tree and picked up all of the tall cylindrical candle holders they had, which were only six. A few weeks later I went back and they had the same kind of holders, just two inches taller. I could wait, or just buy those holders. Being that I’m not THAT detail oriented, I bought the taller holders.

I know that Chuck’s aunt has been using our wedding as an excuse to scour the beach for shells so I pretty much have that covered. a few weeks ago a heavy box came in the mail and it was filled with seashells. I kept the coolest ones for myself. Anyway, to add a little color, I picked up four bags of beach glass.

Since the candle holders are only 7  – 9 inches in height and about 3 inches in diameter, I needed something to go around the candle to fill up the empty space on the table.

Enter these tea light holders, which came three to a package.

The string came from my grandfather’s workshop when we cleaned out his apartment after he passed away this year. It’s been useful throughout my apartment, but will now be a part of our wedding decorations.

The only thing missing is sand. Since I am putting these together in New York, I’d rather not tote large bags of sand with me when I can just buy it (or steal it from the beach) in New York.

First add the shells. Then pepper a little beach glass

Next a few feet of string.

And done! A dollar store centerpiece.

Approximate Costs:

  • Candle holders $1 x 17= $17
  • Tea lights $1 x 17 = $17
  • Bags of beach glass $1 x 4 = $4
  • String = FREE
  • Seashells = FREE
  • Sand about $3 x 3 = $9 (I want to just take it from the beach but Orchid Boy thinks it will smell. If we did that then FREE).

Approximate total = $47 or $2.76 per table.

Are they the most glamorous centerpieces in the world? No.

Will they make your guest swoon with amazement? No.

Are they wallet friendly for a bride on a budget? Abso-friggen-lutely.