DIY: Succulent Centerpiece

Posted by cfalk on Jul 06, 2011

Just recently I followed a DIY project in a magazine and thought that it would make a great wedding centerpiece. The project is very quick, super easy, inexpensive and it’s beautiful! What more can a DIY bride want?

Here is what you need:

* 9″ Pie Dish – I found mine at Sur La Table but any shallow dish will do

* Floralife Sure-Stik or other adhesive (optional)

* Glass Hurricane & Candle

* Variety of Small Succulents – I found mine at Ikea!

* Planting Soil & Seaweed Extract

Start by adhering a strip of the Sure-Stik tape to the bottom of the hurricane. Again, this step is optional but it will help keep the hurricane in place if it is left outside.

Secure the hurricane in the center of the pie dish by pressing firmly down so the tape has a chance to stick.

Scoop the planting soil into the pie dish and scatter around the hurricane.

Plant the succulents all around the hurricane – smaller succulents work best. You can stick to one variety but I like the look of different shapes, sizes and textures. If you haven’t worked with succulents before, you might think that they aren’t deep enough in the soil but they acutally have an amazing way of growing without much at all. You want to make sure that the dish is full but leave a little bit of room so that they can grow a bit. Also, succulents don’t need much water and are super hardy so they are kind of a fool-proof plant for those with a black thumb. Once the succulents get to big, you can trim them and then stick the trimmings back in the soil for more growth. Pretty awesome, right?

Mix the Seaweed Extract with water (per directions). Seaweed Extract is great for succulents and will help them grow faster. Water the plants lightly – try not to get the hurricane wet or else you’ll need to wipe it down with some Windex. You can make one of these for the center of the table or a few for around the yard (on outdoor furniture like coffee tables, side tables, etc.).  This project was super quick and easy to do – I’d say it took maybe 15 minutes and it was pretty inexpensive. If you are on a tight budget for your wedding or a big event, consider making these as your centerpieces – they have a clean, modern feel, are eco-friendly  and create a lovely mood when the candle is lit.  If you think it is too much work to create these by yourself for your wedding, make it a fun project for you and your bridesmaids to do while drinking mimosa’s!   A big bonus is that you can make these 2-3 months before your Big Day so it is one less thing to stress out about!

Source: Love.Inspire.Create