DIY Organza Flowers

Posted by bridalbuds on Apr 15, 2009

Whew! It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks for me. In addition to a month solid of booked weekends, my work life has become much bigger. Thank you Mr. Recession.

While I visited my sister last weekend, we completed a few DIY projects, which I will post separately. First up were the Organza flowers

Personal Photo

Personal Photo

I loved that these were a cute, fun way to add some pretty to anything. I needed something to make our vintage movie cameras look a little more fancy. So my sister and I bought 3 yards of ivory organza. The little fabric store did not have a great selection of organza. The red was TOO red, and brown would have been too dark. I apologize about the lack of photos. It was an easy process and I hope my comments will help you.

First I cut out flower shaped circles and melted the edges. We found that using a few different sizes, and about 4 layers worked best. After the fact, we realized that making them big made them very un-stable. We trimmed some edges and re-melted them. Perfect!

Second, my lovely sister sewed on multicolored buttons she bought at a going out of business sale. We didn’t buy any beads, and I actually liked the look of the buttons. Very cute.

Finally, we’re going to attach these to a brown organza ribbon and somehow drape them over the cameras. This trial run probably won’t happen until July. But, it was great to get the flowers done! I could see using these for several different reasons. Bride(smaid) accessory/gift, bouquet option, bridal shower décor, or attached to a wrapped gift.

3 yards of organza cost about $15 (for about 70-80 medium flowers), and the buttons were free. The ribbon is probably around $20, so total cost for the project is $45. Yeah!