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We asked Angela Encarnación, Director of Sales at Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa to share her top tips for planning a destination bachelorette party!

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What are some of the benefits of hosting a destination bachelorette party, as opposed to having one in your hometown?
Bachelorette parties are meant to be a final hurrah for the bride-to-be as a single lady with her best girlfriends. Making a trip out of it makes it a more memorable event – rather than just another night on the town.

How should a wedding party and bride select a destination? What are some factors to consider?
When choosing a destination, it’s important to pick a location that’s a convenient flight for the attendees. You don’t want to spend half the trip travelling. Then you want to be sure that the location has something for everyone. At Breathless Punta Cana for example, guests can enjoy gourmet dining, spa, watersports, relaxing by the pool or on the beach, nightlife, adventure etc.

How much should a bride be involved with the planning?
The planning is typically done by the bridesmaids, but usually the bride has a hand in choosing the location/destination as well as when the event will occur. That’s the beauty of choosing a resort for a bachelorette party – especially one where everything is included. There is little planning to do, just book your flight and stay and get ready for an amazing time.
How many days should the bachelorette trip be?
Most bachelorette trips tend to be a long weekend (3-nights). It’s the perfect length of time for a great getaway with girlfriends to cut loose and relax and unwind at the same time. And for those who want to make a longer vacation out of it, they can simply add additional nights to their stay.

What are some ways to keep a destination bachelorette party budget-friendly?
Sometimes planning a local night out for a bachelorette party can be even more expensive than a destination party. When planning a local night out the price of an expensive dinner out can really get pricey. Add to it drinks, transportation to clubs, more drinks….not to mention any daytime events that may be included. If you plan a destination bachelorette party at a resort where everything is included, like Breathless Punta Cana is chosen, everyone attending knows right from the start what the total cost of the trip will be and can budget accordingly. With activities, gourmet dining and unlimited top-shelf spirits included, there is no awkwardly splitting the bill at the end of the night or wondering who can afford one more round. Everyone can indulge worry free!

We all know the typical destination bachelorette party activities – a spa day, lounging by the pool, going out at night. What are some unique activities for a bachelorette party?
Excursions like zip lining, swimming with sharks and sting rays, helicopter tours and ATV adventures are great ways to get out and bond over a truly unique experience.

Should the guys and girls travel to the same destination for their respective parties or keep it separate? Why?
This is truly a matter of opinion – some couples love the idea and some want to keep it separate. If the couple does opt to travel together, the great part about a destination like Punta Cana is there are enough things to do that the groups can be together for some events and split up for others.

Any other advice on planning a destination bachelorette party?
Think outside the box and go big! This will be an event with your friends that you’ll always cherish.