Delegation Fun!

Posted by bridalbuds on Dec 20, 2008

After the initial planning of the ceremony and reception sites, the hotel block reservations, the photographer, and the wedding dress, I felt like I needed a break. The all consuming planning had worn me a little thin and I wanted to wait to do anything more. So I took a self imposed 6 week break. Boy did it help. I planned for the holidays, I knit and read a lot (and joined a book club).

And then… my fabulous stepmom, who has been a godsend these past few months, called to say that she would like a list of things to do from the couch, as she’d be recovering from foot surgery for a few weeks. Until she said it, I had not thought to ask anyone to help. She had to pretty much demand I give her something to do. So I did. I made a list of all the florists, salons, and bakeries I’d like to visit on my next trip home, and she’s arranging the whole trip. That’s about 10 hours of work, that I wasn’t exactly looking forward to, that is now done. I mean, I want to taste the cake, look at the flowers, and talk to hair people, but I don’t want to set the whole thing up!


And suddenly, the stress of overwhelming amounts of planning ahead lifted. I feel like I’m happy to take on new wedding related projects. I’ve started to design a wedding wrap for my strapless dress. I started to mentally plan our centerpieces (including those wonderful Dahlia’s I love so much). Dahlia Dude and I have started to discuss the most important part: The Ceremony.

So as we very quickly approach this busy holiday season, I’m taking a deep breath and remembering that people actually like to help. As fun as this is for me, it is just as fun for everyone who is included.