Decorating Cakes With Fresh Flowers

Posted by bridalbuds on Jun 03, 2010

I am loving the new trend of decorating a cake with artfully placed fresh flowers. I think it is so fresh and pretty, especially for an outdoor bride.

It can be a budget solution, also. But there is one MAJOR concern if this is something you want to do. The flowers used to decorate the cake must be edible. This does not mean that your guests will be chomping down the foliage like a horde of ravenous bunnies, but poison + food just DO NOT go together. Luckily, there are a diverse number of flowers that are edible.

These are all flowers you can use, and they are just a start! A little bit of research and you can easily find some that will work for you. Your florist will in all likelihood know what is acceptable, also.