With ‘green’ and ‘organic’ as keywords in today’s market, it is no surprise that many couples are wanting to incorporate earthy and natural elements into their wedding decor. These elements can evoke feelings of a rustic yet modern atmosphere. There are many different types of flowers available that come in beautiful shades of green that can pair very well against white and/or brown for that eco-chic look.

For tall line flowers that work well in tall ceremony arrangements as well as centerpieces, there are bells of Ireland or molucella, the green calla lily called ‘green goddess’, and gladiolas can come in a nice spring green.

In tropical flowers, cymbidium and mini cymbidium orchids can be found in a bright acid green as well as pale green. Dendrobium orchids also come in green with a purple lip, and there are lovely light green anthuriums that can help create a modern look.

Growers are always coming up with new colors in roses; there are beautiful green roses called ‘limbo’, ‘jade’, as well as ‘super green’, to name a few. Carnations are usually not found on a bride’s list of favorite flowers, but they can be found in a very lovely pale green – perfect for kissing balls and pomanders.

Chrysanthemums can also be found in green – in particular the large headed Fuji mum and smaller Kermit button poms.

In the spring, puffy green viburnum is in season as well as helleborus. Green hydrangea is available all year long and can also have interesting shades of blue and pink mixed in when “antique”. Ranunculus also begin to appear in early spring and can be found in a nice deep emerald green. And in the summer celosia arrives in a light green almost yellow.

Novelty items, that when added to the mix make an interesting and modern accent, include various pods such as poppy pods and lotus pods. Artichokes and cabbages also help enhance and make fun green additions. Bits of green hypericum berry and hanging green amaranthus can also spice up a bouquet or boutonniere.