Covering Up?

Posted by morningglory on Apr 16, 2012

So, good news… I picked up my dress the other day! *squeals*

I got to try it on and make decisions about what I needed to get altered. While waiting for the lady to pin me a figurative bustle, I noticed one thing I wasn’t fond of: I have 3 tattoos that hang out of my dress on my back and sides/ribs. When I got these tattoos a few years ago, I figured I got them low enough that eventually when I would get married that I wouldn’t have to worry about them sticking out of my dress. I have painfully avoided my shoulders and arms when getting tattoos (do you know how hard that was?!?!) because my dad isn’t a big fan of them to begin with. So, out of respect for him and the fact that my parents would be paying for my wedding I tried to keep any tattoos out of sight in a dress. Now, don’t get me wrong I am definitely not embarrassed to have them, I just think the small pieces that stick out look out-of-place and I don’t want my professional pictures showing them.

This brings me to my next topic: covering them up. I don’t want people gawking at my tattoos, especially the older guests, like my grandmothers and aunts, so I guess I will have to figure out a way to cover them up! I have read reviews online that Dermablend is a pretty good product and had people tell me to ask my make-up person if airbrush can cover it up. What I ultimately worry about is any product getting onto my dress! I know it’s not going to be something I’m thinking about while my wedding is going on, but I would prefer if it wasn’t an issue.

Do you have tattoos you need to cover up? Have you thought about what to do about it? Any other suggestions are appreciated!