Court House Wedding Dresses

Posted by Lauryn on May 18, 2009

With the downturned economy, I've been hearing more and more talk of brides opting to have a Court House Wedding. This doesn't just mean waking up one morning and deciding to get married, often a lot of planning goes into these weddings. One thing I often read about is brides difficulty finding an dress for their Court Ceremony. The most important thing for Court House brides to remember is DON'T settle on your dress! You deserve to find “the one” just as much as any other bride.

One of my close friends had a court house ceremony last year, and after weeks of shopping for a dress she settled on a simple Nicole Miller dress that seemed practical as she could wear it again. This is her biggest regret. Looking back at the pictures she hates the dress and wishes she would have gone with something a little more special for her day.

Many wedding gown designers are showing fabulous short looks, however these often still come with a steep price tag. Finding moderately priced white dresses can be a challenge, which is why I have made it easier with 9 of my favorites below! All of the below dresses have a price tag of $250 or less!

court house wedding dresses

Courthouse Wedding Dresses

1. Nine West 2. French Connection 3. Banana Republic 4. 5. Lily 6. Tahari 7. Maggy London 8. JCREW 9. Max and Cleo

If you have a little more room in your budget the below dresses are great, unique finds!

court house wedding dresses

1. Interlude 2. JCREW 3. Kirabilla 4. Betsey Johnson 5. Milly 6. Black Halo

Regardless of what dress you chose, white or otherwise, be sure that you aren't settling on your dress. It is your special day and you should feel and look your best! You may even consider buying a long gown and having it cute short for the occasion. EBAY can also be a great tool for finding cheap, short wedding gowns!