Cinderella is Proof…

Posted by bridalbuds on Jan 18, 2011

…that a new pair of shoes can change your life!

Isn’t that the truth?!

My wedding shoes are undergoing a massive overhaul, maybe.  Meaning, I’m rethinking wearing flip flops with my dress.  Problem is, my dress has already been hemmed to account for wearing flats.  I can’t wear traditional heels due to the location. My current shoes are brown leather flip flops with clear rhinestones covering the straps.  They fit with the outdoor location and the casual feel we are going for.  But now, I am afraid they aren’t formal enough for a wedding.  To give an idea of the formality, or lack thereof, of the wedding, the groom and groomsmen are wearing tan colored suits (see below) and Sperry’s.

Jim's Formal Wear -

Cymbie Dude will have on the suit above, while the groomsmen will not wear a vest or tie.

What do you think? Can I wear flip flops?