Choose a Green Caterer

Posted by kharrison on Oct 19, 2011

Picking the right caterer is an important part of your wedding. Here’s some ways that catering companies use sustainable practices.

Seasonal and Fresh
Caterers that obtain their meats, fish, cheese or produce from local organic farms will be serving naturally grown foods without additives, fertilizers or hormones. Large factory farming creates more pollution, while smaller local farms do not.

Kiwi Martinis by Green Eats Catering, Project Wedding

In addition, shipping foods from local farms requires less travel, therefore less fuel is burned and you are reducing your carbon footprint. Seasonal products will have optimal freshness and you can utilize your region’s best food staples at your next event!

That’s a (Green) Wrap!
Search for places where foods are packaged in eco-friendly ways and even look for suppliers that will take back the packaging for reuse! If you cannot find either of these options, you can ask your suppliers if they can package their products with biodegradable materials that can be recycled afterwards.

Eco-friendly packaging, Eco-Living Experts

If you provide linens and utensils, make sure to use silverware and even organic tablecloths and napkins. If you are supplying wedding or party favors, nix the cellophane and look for recyclable bags or boxes to store the goodies.

Some companies even make biodegradable straws:

Biodegradable striped straws, Green Party Goods

Keep The Kitchen Chemical Free!
Many hotels and caterers have begun to replace their harsh bleach and ammonia based cleaners with biodegradable cleansers made up of natural ingredients such as fruit washes and citrus scented products.

Master Gardening

Not only does this keep chemicals off the foods you are cutting up and preparing in the kitchen, but hotel kitchen staff will not be exposed to any of the ill affects caused by abrasive cleaning agents.

Reduce Paper Waste
Save on paper waste by reducing the amount of receipts you print out. Lots of catering companies email their receipts or contracts instead of printing them out! If you still want to use paper receipts you can always print them on recycled paper with soy or vegetable based inks.

Lesley Mero Information

Use a Green Machine
Look into alternative transportation ideas. Some caterers have even gone so far as to use biodiesel transportation for food shipment! If a biodiesel delivery truck is out of the question, think about using practices that need minimal gasoline and delivery from local areas.

Just Picture It Now

Grow a Green Garden!
Keep it green in your kitchen with a nice little herb and veggie garden started by you and your staff.

Grow Green! Organic Gardening and Farming

This will reduce your carbon footprint when ordering foods because you will not have to order shipments or drive to the grocery store for every little herb garnish.

Use Food as Your Dinnerware
In many upscale restaurants and catering businesses, appetizers are placed in tortilla shell bowls and soups are eaten out of delicious bread bowls.

Tortilla bowl, From Chile to Chocolate.

You can skip on using plastic utensils and dishes by incorporating foods as your containers!