Chic and Cheap Eco-Friendly Hair Tips

Posted by kharrison on Nov 28, 2011

Out of all the body care products, hair gels, shampoos, conditioners and dyes contain tons of chemicals. Not only do these harm the earth, but they wreak havoc on your long, lovely locks. You can go green while still taking simple steps to get there.

It’s all about the hair! Beauty Blitz

Here’s an easy way to get started:  biodegradable shampoos and conditioners! Many green shampoos are 100% vegetable based with no animal byproducts, so there is less harmful residue going down the drain.

Lather up! Whole Living

The actual bottles that the products come in are also often made with recyclable materials. You can also use a  bar of shampoo so there is zero waste once you’ve used it all up!

For a cheap eco-chic alternative, there are many food products that can make you hair shiny and healthy for your wedding day. Who says you have to buy expensive green products?

Natural goes a long way, Planet Green Discovery

Lemon is great for achieving shiny hair, especially for lighter locks. If you have darker hair, try apple cider vinegar. Egg whites are also known to bring out the sheen in your hair.
If you’ve scrapped all the chemicals and now you want to conserve energy, look for an eco-friendly hair dryer made from sustainable materials.

Skip the hair dryer and towel dry, Real Beauty

If you have time before you say “I do” skip the hair dryer altogether and air dry au naturel! This not only conserves energy but constant blowdrying  leads to faster follicle damage and dried out locks.  Even the smallest choices can add up on your big day!