Changing Your Name? Get Some Help!

Posted by Kim on Feb 25, 2013

Whether or not you decide to change your last name after marriage is totally your call. While the process of changing your name might sound daunting, as long as you are prepared and organized, it’s really not that difficult. Here’s how the process should work:

Marriage License You’ll need to get your hands on your marriage license before you can change your name. Make sure it’s noted on the license that you are planning on changing your last name.

Social Security Card Once you have your marriage license, you first need to get your name changed on your Social Security Card to make it official – your name isn’t officially changed until you do so. Visit your local Social Security Office or mail your application.

Driver’s License and Passport After you’ve received your new Social Security Card, you can go ahead and change your name on your passport, driver’s license, credit cards, etc.

And if this all still sounds scary to you, Miss Now Mrs is here to help! This service will help you organize and fill out your forms in a flash so the process is super-easy and straightforward. And there’s even more good news: Miss Now Mrs is offering a special Groupon on their name-changing service for just $15 (it’s normally $29.95). Check out this link for more details – the deal expires in just a few hours so get moving! And let us know in the comments if you’re changing your name, and why or why not!