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Introducing…The WeddingWire Monogram Generator

Posted by Kim on Jun 17, 2016

wedding-monogram-generator-weddingwireThe great thing about a wedding monogram is that you can use it in so many different ways throughout your wedding and beyond, from invitations to thank-you cards, decor and more. And now it’s easier than ever to create a monogram that’s both unique to you and your spouse, and fits your wedding style. With the brand-new WeddingWire Monogram Generator, simply enter your and your future spouse’s initials (you can put your first initials in boxes 1 and 2, and, if you’d like, a joint last initial as well), and then choose a color that matches your wedding day color scheme. And, voila! You’ll receive 40 different monogram options to choose from, which you can then download and use however you’d like. While you’re at it, take a picture of the creative ways you’re using your monogram, share ’em on Instagram, and tag the photo with #wwmonogramlove so we can all get inspired!. Check out the WeddingWire Monogram Generator—we apologize in advance for the amount of time you’re going to spend playing with this fun tool! #sorrynotsorry

Top 3 Wedding Invitation Don’ts

Posted by csancho on Oct 21, 2013

Brides with low budgets or with a shorter timelines between the engagement and the big happy day may choose to forgo sending out wedding announcements or save-the-dates. This may indeed be the best choice, but what it does is it puts the wedding invitation into a limbo of save-the-date invitation hodgepodge So in order to help navigate this limbo, let’s highlight the number one things a wedding invitation is most definitely not.

Number one: A wedding invitation is not a yearbook.

I can't say that these pictures are not adorable, but would this be one to many or do you think it works?

While your guests may love you dearly, they don’t need an entire photo collage to see how lovey-dovey cute you are. There isn’t a problem with having photos on your invitation (especially for our DIY brides), but how about we avoid a collage kin to the one dedicated prom in your high school yearbook? Try, instead, to limit yourself to three photos. Two for the ones you can’t decide between and one for your groom to pick.

Number two: A wedding invitation is not a Bride’s modeling portfolio.

Sometimes when selecting a photo to go with your invitation, there is a tendency to focus only on the bride. Sure, it may be true that the bride is often the one who cares the most about how they look, not groom is going to appreciate it if he looks like a goof in a photo that will be distributed to everyone he cares for most. So when selecting a photo choose it based on what photo is best of both of you and shows how beautiful you are as a couple

Number three: A wedding invitation is not a college party flyer.

Do you think this wedding invitation is sassy and classy? Or does it fall short?

Unless your wedding theme specifically calls for it, thought bubbles, underlined texts, arrows, squiggly fonts, and abbreviated text, just do not belong on a wedding invitation. A wedding is not the kind of event that you want to tag B.Y.O.B at the bottom of your invite. Also, and possibly more importantly, a wedding invitation cannot survive on regular printer paper. It doesn’t matter how colorful it is, unless it is card-stock or something nicer, your wedding invitation will fall in league with advertisements for costumes at the temporary Halloween shop or discounts on car insurance.

I am sure there are some cases where these no-no’s may work, but they are a definite danger zone.

Engaged: A Gift of Another at Christmas

Posted by mmaxfield on Dec 24, 2012

All those new family-to-be members waiting in the wings of Christmas Eve to welcome you into the family, at last! Hark! What better symbol of family heirlooms and traditions, than a chorus of Steinbach's German nutcrackers! Photo: Marjorie Maxfield


A Christmas engagement!

Is it not one of the most romantic times of the year? A time of gifting. And, a time to pause, (gasp, not in the middle aisle of Bloomingdale’s in NYC, Apple Store in Houston’s Galleria, or  the cosmetic counter at Neiman Marcus, LA) and reflect on “just what does my engagement mean?”

If you suspect a ringing in the near future or, after the 1st; read on.

To be engaged is to receive a gift of another, and, likewise, be that gift to another.

Nothing tops this! All eyes will be on your ring; however, you know that a gift of another is the most magnificent gift that you will receive and give this, or any other Yule!

With this ring, more Christmas gifts abound– a new family! New traditions, new names and faces, along with all those family stories that need to be remembered and retold. They, the in-laws, sisters, brothers, children, aunts, uncles, cousins to the third  line of relatives, are, too, a gift! All to shine brightly on your tree of life!

Perhaps, a word or two of a practical matter!

What to do first after the blush of yes has faded and needs to be enhanced with a sweep of Chanel Joules Contraste pink powder. Make a list, and check it twice. Here’s mine, a national wedding etiquette expert:

Oh, what a night!

I sat riveted to the television; to the American Fab 5; to the twists, the turns, and feats of balance and daring-do on the beam; to the trio of performances on the floor that, “just nailed it;” and to the team that brought home the glory and the gold.

As “The Star-Spangled Banner” played, another golden Olympic victory began to unfold, frame-by-frame in my mind’s eye: Mary Lou Retton’s perfect 10 performance at the XXIII Olympics in Los Angeles!

Yet, the best memory of all, came to mind: the afternoon I sat down with Mary Lou and wrote her wedding invitation.

First, watch this interview with Mary Lou Retton’s and commentary of her Olympic achievements.

What is it like to write a wedding invitation for Mary Lou Retton? Read on!

Wedding Programs: the Playbill to your Ceremony

Posted by mmaxfield on Jun 25, 2012

Applause, please! Standing ovation!

New York City’s Broadway’s musicals are captivating, addicting: the pre-theater 21 Club for drinks and dinner, or a quick Sabrett hot dog, the dash to the Bernard Jacobs theater, the iconic Playbill giving you an VIP Orchestra-seat run-down on the actors, the three acts, and thank-yous to the many participants. Frankly, after the performance, when you pour out onto the street waving down a cab, what do you and the other theatergoers clutch for dear life under the arm? The Playbill!

Your wedding program is your Playbill! It gives your guests a mother of the bride, first row, center stage importance and insight into Who’s Who, the cast, the ceremony, the appreciative nod to family and friends. It gives your guests a mirror of what is to come! You have spent hundreds of hours, a small fortune or large fortune, and in just a small booklet, you literally tell your guests what to expect.