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Real Wedding: Jennifer & Julie

Posted by khamm on Jan 12, 2012

Jennifer & Julie

Hardy Klahold Photography

September 02

If ever there were a case to be made that one does not need a marriage license or legal recognition to create a beautifully and thoughtfully detailed wedding, Julie & Jennifer’s wedding would certainly be leading the charge. These timeless brides relied upon a playful but classy style to treat themselves and their wedding guests to a memorable event at the Tapestry House in Laporte, Colorado.

Photographer Hardy Klahold and Planner, Julie Gambrell of Classic Creations Wedding Planning & Design, remember the wedding fondly. Julie has done a handful of same-sex weddings in Colorado, where couples cannot yet marry legally. She is enthusastic about couples exchanging vows and celebrating their love and tells that she and the brides — Julie and Jennifer — spent about 14 months planning this wedding.

She remembers fondly the special moment when the brides first saw each other in their wedding dresses and what a fun time they all had planning the wedding together. Meanwhile, Hardy Klahold, the photographer, recounts the following story of shooting the wedding:

Before the ceremony the rabbi told me and my assistant there are no photos allowed during the ceremony. We could take photos again, she said, as they walk down the aisle after the ceremony. All people in the room including the couple, looked at us very seriously.

Of course my assistant photographer, a dear friend and very good photographer himself, and I were very disappointed. There was no time for further discussions about this subject, the ceremony started right after that meeting.

Every now and then, I have to stop and ask; why are you getting married? What humans once knew as a way of survival and procreation, now occurs to be more wide spread and it is to fulfill other needs such as legal & financial rewards, family planning, the “legitimacy” of the kids, financial security, parenthood, raising kids with one person, a good role model, etc…

Knowing we can have all of the above without marrying, I believe getting married is a “statement”, statement about “your love” and “your commitment” to one another.  Once you have a clear understanding of the true meaning of the marriage and are more “real” about your decision, it is time to be real about all the other parts of this union as well!

Urban Style: A Pittsburgh Opera Real Wedding

Posted by jwimer on Nov 29, 2011

One of the trends I really love in the world of weddings today is the urban revival–  hosting your nuptial celebration in the most unlikely urban setting with the most unique, memorable and often BEAUTIFUL results!  This opens up a world of venue opportunities for those brides seeking something off the beaten path, and often due to the expansive nature of these urban lofts and spaces, the flexibility for decor and sheer spaciousness is an added bonus to the often reduced rental prices paid in comparison to traditional venues.

One of my all time favorite venues in our fair city of Pittsburgh is the Pittsburgh Opera!  With a red carpet entrance for your guests, three areas for celebration, and a blank urban slate to write on… this space can be ANYTHING you dream it to be.  And as an added bonus… the Opera has LED certification and rewards clients who host a green event with green vendors with generous rental discounts!  What could be better?  Jessica and Josh are urbanites living in Seattle and the Pittsburgh Opera was the perfect setting for their wedding.  With jumbo balloons, a Quaker style marriage ceremony and a dramatic red curtain reveal to the feasting table reception area it was amazing all the way.

Unique Place Card Ideas

Posted by Jeffra on Nov 16, 2011

Unique Place Cards

Unique Place Cards

Button Place Cards

Unique Ideas for Place CardsPlace Cards Ideas that are Unique

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Purple Chic Wedding Inspiration

Posted by llongacre on Sep 09, 2011

For more photos by Zoom Theory Photography and more about this gorgeous wedding, visit It’s All in the Details.