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Have a drink and find your seat

Posted by bridalbuds on Aug 16, 2012

A wedding in June is typically going to be very warm so we knew we wanted a nice, refreshing touch when our guests came into our reception venue. Plus they needed to know what table they were sitting at. So why not combine the two? That’s exactly what we did. It took quite a bit of work but turned out to be one of the most talked about things of the night! Our guests had some delicious lemonade as they took their seats. Here is the finished product:

Photo credit: BH Photography

Didn’t they turn out cute?! Here are the steps that I took to make them:

1. Find bottles! I searched everywhere. Trust me. I ended up at a local wholesale glass shop and bought 200 Tabasco bottles. They were only a quarter a piece so it worked out perfect!
2. We worked out with our caterer to have them fill and place them for our guests (and we provided them with funnels to fill them since the opening on the top was a bit small!)
3. I found some fun straws on Etsy in any color you could pretty much want!
4. I went to Michaels and bought a paper puncher in the shape of that little scalloped circle along with plenty of coral colored card stock and some string.
5. The hardest part was punching out 200 of them, writing everyone’s name and table number, punching holes in them (we used nails), and stringing them on the bottles.

Any other fun seating ideas?!

Who doesn’t love cake!?

Posted by bridalbuds on Aug 09, 2012

Well, I don’t love cake but I knew it was something we had to have at our reception and the bakery I grew up going to (North College Hill Bakery) was the only place I would get it from. I’m not a huge fan on the traditional flower and buttercream decorations so we stepped slightly out of the box on this one. The cake had different layers of either white cake with lemon filling, white cake with raspberry filling, or just plain white. We had a small layer of buttercream frosting on the outside. Then came the fun part—my MOH and I found some peach candies from a bulk candy distributor. We put them in ziplock bags and took out some pent up aggression on them. 🙂

The cake topper says “I love you” in French but also looks similar to my name (Jaime) so we like things with that on it. I found the cake topper from an adorable shop on Etsy. The dishes with little chocolate covered pomegranates were purchased on The cake was not only delicious, it looked awesome too!

Photo credit: BH Photography

The cake was not only delicious, it looked awesome!

The cake was not only delicious, it looked awesome!

The perfect (and functional) gift for him

Posted by bridalbuds on Jul 31, 2012

I tossed and turned over what to get Apricot Dude for a wedding gift. I knew I wanted it to be super special but I just couldn’t put my finger on that perfect gift. Then I realized that he didn’t own a watch so that would be the perfect gift! I was in search for a nice-looking watch and finally decided on a new Citizen Eco-Drive. I had “Groovy Kind of Love” (our song) and 6.9.12 engraved on the inside from a local shop that does engraving. It turned out to be an amazing gift. He was so excited to see me to show me how good it looked! Of course I put a long, thoughtful note in with it. Apricot Dude did pretty well himself. 🙂 He got me a beautiful diamond heart necklace. I love it.

We waited until the photographers were there to open our presents from each other so we could have pictures like these:

Photo Credit: BH Photography

Tips for Getting Ready

Posted by bridalbuds on Jul 24, 2012

If I could give brides one tip when it comes to getting ready: make a timeline!!! I honestly didn’t and that was the only part of my day that was a bit of a cluster. I should have planned out better who was getting their hair and makeup done at what time. It was a free for all!  Also, I’m sure you’ve heard this before but drink plenty of water (not mimosas) and eat something! My sister was literally forcefeeding me because I forgot to eat!  Enjoy the time with just your ladies. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get dolled up with your best friends.

Here are a few pictures from our getting-ready experience.

(PS: We stayed in the most incredible Bed & Breakfast in Glendale, Ohio called The Glendalia. It was amazing and provided some great background for pictures!)

Photo Credit: BH Photography

Showing Our Appreciation

Posted by bridalbuds on Jul 17, 2012

Some of the friends told me in advance that the rehearsal is the part of the wedding weekend that they remembered most and I didn’t believe them at first. Well, looking back on all of the events on the weekend, they were right. It’s time to spend with some of your closest friends and family only. You are relaxed and don’t have any pressure on you. My advice for those brides (and grooms): enjoy the rehearsal! Take the time to thank each one of you bridal party members and parents. Here is a list of what we ended up gifting to our bridal party:

For the gals: a customized bath robe that they wore while getting ready (I bought teal robes at Kohl’s, about $20 each after using a 30% coupon, and then iron-on letters at Hobby Lobby with their initials and viola!) and a Kate Spade idiom bracelet (all different ones). They loved them!

The cute robes I gave my gals