Capture Guest Videos from Your Wedding Day

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 24, 2012

Sadly, I don’t have any video from my wedding. I have about 15 minutes of pre-ceremony and 3 minutes of the processional (video cuts off right before I’m about to walk down the aisle). I would give anything to have videos from my wedding day, so if you haven’t considered having them, or don’t know if it’s in your budget to hire a videographer, I wanted to share this unique service called Storymix Media.  With everyone having smart phones that take video, this is a fun way to capture video memories from your wedding day (even in addition to a videographer). The concept is pretty simple: You ask your guests to upload video they captured on your big day to a Storymix Media  account you create. Storymix Media then takes all of those videos, cuts out the fluff, adds music and transitions, and pulls them into a professional recap of your day. Here are a few examples to give you an idea. But one example not included below that I liked is the idea of a video guest book. You leave a flip cam (or any type of video recording device) on the guest book table and have people record their well wishes, or tell a memory of you as a couple. Storymix Media will then put all them into a “video guestbook”!