California Garden Ranch Wedding

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 03, 2012

Shana & Justin

September 17

Camarillo, California

From the Bride: “We first met our senior year of high school. We sat directly next to each other and quickly became friends. Most high school friendships diminished after graduation, however; ours continued to grow as the years passed. I moved away for college while Justin stayed close to home working on his career. Despite the distance we talked on the phone for hours confiding in one another about everyday life, current relationships, and future dreams. Our strong emotional relationship over the phone continued to grow throughout the years. Often times we would joke about the idea of “someday” being married. At the given time all this talk was just that…talk. Neither of us ever imagined what would follow. 8 years later I was celebrating a night out with the girls while Justin was celebrating a night off of work with the guys. Without knowing it fate put both groups of friends at the same place at the same time. We describe it as the night that everything felt so right. We were inseparable from that night on. After 8 years in the making…Saying “YES” to my best friend on the night of the proposal was a piece of cake! He proposed on a random Wednesday night in the middle of June. He had thought out some extravagant surprise proposals, but anyone who knows my husband well enough knows that when he is excited about something he gets very antsy and can’t wait to blurt it out. He had picked up the ring earlier that morning. He says the instant it was in his hand he knew he wasn’t going to be able to wait till the weekend to give it to me. I was oblivious to his antsy behavior and even more oblivious when he told he me we were going to the beach for dinner. We arrived at the beach, laid out our blanket, I was starving so I immediately started eating my sandwich. I was shocked when I looked up to him on one knee expressing how much he loves me and asking me to marry him. Of course I said “YES” mustard on my face and all!”

Photographer:  Photography By Charise | Event Planner:  Your Wedding Muse | Floral Designer:  Belle of the Ball Designs | Reception Venue:  Camarillo Ranch | Cinema and Video:  HD in Vision | DJ:  DJFX Entertainment | Bakery:  For Heavens Cakes | Restaurant:  Milianos Italian