Cake Boss: The new cake show on the block

Posted by WeddingAces on May 12, 2009

Cake Boss is a view inside Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey and it will focus on their wedding and specialty cakes as well as the personalities in the bakery.  Carlo’s Bakery is owned by 32 year old Buddy Valastro, if that name sounds familiar it may be from his numerous appearances on The Food Network, Good Morning America, The View, or the hundreds of his cakes that have been featured in magazines over the past few years.

The company itself has an amazing history, Carlo’s Bakery has been around longer than Ford…100 years!  They create hundreds of amazing wedding cakes every year and as you will see, they have a lot of fun doing it!

The staff at Carlo’s Bakery is made up mostly of Buddy’s family, which makes for a whole other reason to watch… Seriously, have you ever known an Italian family that was together for 18 hours a day that didn’t have the greatest blowout arguments ever?  I haven’t!

Beautiful cakes, great personalities, lots of fun, and some Italian family tempers thrown in, make Cake Boss one to watch this summer!  You can catch the pilot epsiode on reruns on TLC in the coming weeks and be ready when the new episodes hit in June!

Cake shows are a fantastic way for you to get ideas for your own cake, and to really see what kind of work goes into each creation!

Happy Planning!

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Buddy Valastro - Photo from

Buddy Valastro - Photo from

As a bakery owner, I really love all of the cake TV shows that are popping up.  From the Ace of Cakes and the Challenges on the Food Network to Amazing Wedding Cakes on WeTV, I watch every episode of every show! Apparently the rest of the world enjoys these shows almost as much as I do because a brand new cake show will be airing on TLC beginning in June;  Cake Boss.