“By the power vested in…”

Posted by freesia on Feb 25, 2011

When deciding whether or not to have a destination wedding, there were a few things that I was concerned I would miss out on. It is interesting, looking back, at how those thing have worked themselves out. Local flowers, planning myself (and with Fressia Mom), and our minister of choice.

I had found a local grower at a farmers’ market close to home that make beautiful wildflower bouquets. They were quite inexpensive and seemed absolutely perfect. As soon as a destination wedding became a possibility, I knew the local flowers would be out. While I give serious props to those who can find flowers local to their destination, I have not been that resourceful. However, I decided on orchids that are readily available around Florida so they won’t have to travel far…and Freesia Dude usually gets me orchids for my birthday.

The planning, as I mentioned in a previous post, I tend to obsess over and be rather unsuccessful at. So it seems to be in everyone’s best interest that we implement the assistance of a wedding coordinator. With this help, the planning process became very focused, which is very helpful, but completely out of reach for Freesia Mom. To compensate, she and I are doing our best to find other ways she can get involved with activities here. My favorite experience with her so far was the day we went dress shopping, that post soon to come! I still feel very involved in the planning of my destination wedding. I know this experience is different from planning a wedding here, but it’s all I know first-hand and it’s unique and perfect for me!

That brings us to one last main point: the officiant to marry us. Fairly early on, we spoke with the Community Pastor, one of a few pastors at our church, and he planned on marrying us in Texas. When our Texas options were not working and we began seriously considering a destination wedding, we met with our Pastor to discuss the possibility of him joining us. Since the day we first spoke with this pastor, it was very clear to me he was exactly who God wants to marry us. When we presented our thoughts and plans about the Florida Keys, he was very open and considerate. He discussed it with his wife, and they will be joining us in the Keys! It is now official and we are SO excited they will be coming to share this time and guide our vows. We feel so blessed for all the ways our “plans” are working out in spite of ourselves!

Yesterday, the Pastor sent us a wedding ceremony outline of different wording and suggestions for the ceremony. As I read through all the passages and vows, I couldn’t help but get a little teary. Reading through the vows makes this surreal event so so real and truly amazing. I’m so excited and cannot wait for the day that our pastor pronounces us “man and wife”!

Now to decide if/who will do a reading…? I don’t think the Eternity Candle will work well on the beach (with the wind), and pouring sand might have a similar problem. A simple ceremony will work great for us. Any other ceremony event ideas?