Bridesmatron Recap: Bridal Shower Details

Posted by bridalbuds on Sep 07, 2010

As you may have read in some of my prior posts, I was invited to be a “bridesmatron” in my friend’s wedding this summer.  Let’s just call this friend “Green”, because that’s her favorite color!  Green’s mom did a great job organizing Green’s bridal shower, and included a lot of personal touches that I wanted to share with the garden!  There was marriage advice collected on pieces of paper that got folded up and put into a picnic basket with some picnic essentials, there was bridal bingo with scratch-off lotto tickets for the winners, there was a beautifully framed picture of Green and her fiance placed at the escort card table for all guests to see upon their arrival, there were green decorations at the tables and on the cake, there was a raffle for each table’s 3-piece candle set centerpiece (which I won!) and there were of course favors.  Green’s ceremony was held outdoors in Long Island in late August (more to come on that!), so Green’s mom gave each shower guest a beautiful wooden fan to help keep cool at the ceremony:

Favor from "Green's" Bridal Shower

Photo taken by Me

Along with the fan came this cute poem:

Thank you for attending Green’s shower.
Now, we are looking forward to that special hour!
Please bring this fan as we celebrate the joining
of Green and her mate, on August 28th!

The fans were given out in little gift bags tied with Green ribbon (of course!) and a thank you charm:

Photo taken by Me

Also inside the bag was a set of Bamboo coasters:


Definitely some of the more useful shower favors I’ve seen!  Hope this post gave the rest of the garden some inspiration!