Bridesmaid Dress Disaster

Posted by bridalbuds on Dec 14, 2010

So the title may be a bit of an exaggeration but its a disaster to me.  This is a picture of the dress.  That is the color and my MOHs will have the exact one below, the rest of the bridal party will have solid celadon dresses.

Bill Levkoff Style 601

Now for the disaster part.  EVERY single one of the bridesmaids dresses is WAAAAAY too big.  Now, I didn’t expect them to fit perfectly.  I knew they would have to have some alterations.  However, I never expected this!  According to the store’s size/measurement chart, one of my friends, who is a size 2 in normal clothes, was to wear a size 12! Not in any universe is this lady a size 12.  She finally ordered a size 8, I believe, and it fell off of her…LITERALLY!  One of my MOHs ordered one size smaller than the recommended size but has since lost 45 pounds so I can’t blame her dress size problems on the store.  Another BM was told to order an 18 when she is a size 6 waist to accommodate her bust.  Her dress is going to fall off.  The Wedding Shoppe Inc., I am very disappointed in you. I had such high hopes when you carried the dress at a much more reasonable price than the local boutiques.

Can a dress be too big to be altered? What do I do if the dresses are too big to be altered?