Bridal Weightloss

Posted by bridalbuds on Oct 05, 2010

As I sit here on the computer with no ambition to make it to the gym today (I slept in way too late today and just am dragging), I’m going to talk about bridal weightloss. I think that every bride sort of goes through this when she is planning her wedding… how she can either tone up or lose weight before the big day. No one wants that dreaded “back-fat” or “arm-fat” to show up in her wedding photos. Your wedding day is supposed to be the one day in your life where you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world… and in today’s society, it’s difficult to feel beautiful when you feel like all your flaws are going to be showcased in one way or another. Or maybe that’s just how I feel…

Anyway, I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. In high school I was never skinny so when I hear commercials about being “high-school skinny” I snort and remember how I felt in high school. Awkward and unattractive because my weight was such a burden. Alright, I’ll just put it out there, I have some major self-esteem and confidence issues when it comes to my weight. There, I said it. I have a hard time feeling beautiful when my clothes aren’t fitting right and I feel uncomfortable and frumpy.

As you know, Sunflower Dude and I have been together since high school and I know that he loves me no matter what (I’m only 20lbs over what I was in high school) but it’s hard to love myself when I feel uncomfortable. Anyway, I was never “high-school skinny” but, I was “college skinny”. During the 4-years of my undergraduate studies, I lost at least 30lbs. I was 20lbs over my goal weight, but I felt great and I felt like I looked great. If I got down to this weight by the wedding, I’d be one completely happy bride!! Anyway, now I’m 50lbs away from what I was in undergrad (graduate school and stress will do that to you!!) and 70lbs away from my ultimate goal weight. According to Sparkpeople (which I recommend to anyone and everyone that I can!), by the end of May I could be my ultimate goal weight if I keep it up. A great wedding gift and birthday gift to myself 🙂

Picture compliments of Sparkpeople

So, my plan has been to go to the gym at least 4 times/week doing cardio at least 30min/day and alternating legs and arms (m/w/f arms; t/th legs). Also, I have been logging everything that I eat on Sparkpeople. Okay, so I didn’t do so hot over the weekend with logging, but it was the first week and I’m trying to get used to it again. Sparkpeople has a great bridal workout : and a wedding dress workout : .

Here is to keeping with it and working on sticking with it after the wedding. This isn’t just for the wedding, this is for me. This is for the long-term. I will be healthier not only for me but for Sunflower Dude and any future children we may have. This time it will be a lifestyle change!!

Have you started being more conscious of what you are eating and your activity level now that you are engaged/planning a wedding? Did you adopt a healthy lifestyle before the big day to tone up or drop some pounds? Share your stories, inspiration, tips, etc.