Bridal Shower Inspiration

Posted by Kim on Mar 11, 2013

While having a bridal shower is totally optional, it is a fun way to celebrate with your nearest and dearest before the wedding. Usually, the bridal shower is hosted by the maid of honor and bridal party, but it’s also fine for family members, the groom’s mom’s friends, or other important people in your life to throw you a shower. And though most of the time the bride does not play a role in planning the shower, we thought it would be a good idea to share the most important elements of this celebration.

The Venue
Bridal showers can take place in a variety of locations. A restaurant or hotel can be convenient – food and decor all in one place – but we’ve also seen showers take place at someone’s home, a park, or even something super-creative like an art gallery.

Photo by Christina Watkins Photography

The Theme
A tea party is the most popular bridal shower theme, and for good reason – it’s totally feminine and sweet. But we’ve also seen “alphabet showers,” where each guest is assigned a letter of the alphabet and must bring a gift that starts with that letter. Lingerie showers are also popular – but more appropriate when the guest list skews younger. We also like activity showers – spa days, pottery making, or cooking classes – to keep guests occupied.

Photos by Christa Elyce Photography


The Food
Simple finger foods are a must – they’re easy for guests to munch on while mingling and watching the festivities. Instead of serving a full meal, you can also host a dessert shower in between meal times and simply serve sweets.

Photos (clockwise from top): Christina Watkins Photography; Wasio Photography (2); Christina Watkins Photography; Christa Elyce Photography

The Decor
Don’t go too overboard with the decor – a few simple flower arrangements are all you need. We also liked the idea of using potted herbs as centerpieces – a great favor idea as well.

Photos (left to right): Orchard Cove Photography; Janet Howard Studio

The Games
From a game of Bridal Shower Bingo to toilet paper wedding dress contests to “The Newlywed Game” featuring a pre-filmed video of the spouse-to-be answering questions about the bride, guests love to play games at bridal shower. We recommend limiting the number of games to one or two, just to keep the flow of the day moving.

Photo by Christina Watkins Photography

Opening Presents
The centerpiece of the day is the bride opening her gifts. The gift opening can take quite some time, so it’s a nice idea to break it up by opening a few gifts, then playing a game or eating, then opening more gifts.

Photo by Christina Watkins Photography

The Gift to the Bride
The assembled may choose to present a memento to the bride – from a scrapbook to a collection of recipes provided by all of the guests.

Photo by Janet Howard Studio

The Favors
While favors aren’t necessary, it’s often a nice gesture to give a parting guest – usually inspired by the theme of the celebration. From tea cups to candy, be sure to select something guests will actually use.

Photos by (left to right): Janet Howard Studio; Orchard Cove Photography

Are you having a bridal shower? Let us know in the comments!