Bridal Shoes to Turn Heads and Tumble Expectations

Posted by csancho on Oct 26, 2012

Though they used to be a matching cream afterthought, bridal shoes are taking center stage as an essential part of the perfect bridal wardrobe. They should stand out when you want them to, but take a back seat when all eyes should be on you and yours. Here are a few quick tips for selecting the right pair for you and a couple of suggestions for when you start your hunt:


Tip #1: Don’t Skimp
We all know what it’s like to fall for a shoe sale at a discount warehouse only to have your feet protest in agony after a day trekking around town. If you ever have an excuse to splurge on shoes, this is it. You’re going to be standing and hiking all day long, and the last thing you want to be worried about is aching feet. Buy smart, break them in well ahead of time and don’t let the photographer catch you slinging them off before the cake is cut.


Tip #2: Use Contrast Wisely
The wilder the shoe, the more control you’re going to want to have over when they make an appearance, especially if you’re having a more formal ceremony. Long dresses are better suited to crazy colorful bridal shoes, as they won’t be the center of attention 100% of the time. Stick out your feet to show them off at the reception and for the photographer, but you may want to keep them your little secret when you’re taking your vows – that’s when you want all eyes on you.

Tip #3: Now is Not the Time to Try New Things
If you never wear heels, now is not the time to break into that world. If you’re most comfortable in flats or wedges, don’t let your fancy bridal whims trick you into buying a pair of sky-high slick stilettos. No amount of practice between purchase and the big day will be enough for you to strut with confidence. If you’re focusing on not falling to your untimely death in a pair of six-inchers, you won’t have a chance to enjoy your day. Plus, broken ankles make for less-than-stellar honeymoons. You’ll get sand in your cast.

A few ideas:

If you want something casual…


If you want something comfortable…


If you want something that sparkles…