Bout Pouts

Posted by bridalbuds on May 19, 2011

I think I’ve been driving my florist crazy. I originally wanted this bout for my groom:

a sophisticated white anemone.

After some research and after ordering samples to show me, she tells me that anemones are too fragile (their petals are tissue paper thin) to hold up to July heat. They’ll make it through the ceremony, but she’s afraid they will wilt during the reception. Yeah, as if the groom isn’t going to be photographed during the reception. So this clearly doesn’t work.

Since then, I’ve put off choosing flowers for the bouts. The florist was suggesting roses, calla lilies, and orchids … all lovely flowers, but I want something different. “These flowers are used often because they work. They hold up to heat.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So with the florist calling me about once a week and leaving me voicemails similar to:

“Hello? Magnolia? This is Mrs. Florist. Just calling to remind you that I don’t have your chosen flowers for your groom’s bout. If you wouldn’t mind please calling me back as soon as you can.”


“Yes, hello, Magnolia? You are aware that I have to order these flowers in advance, right? Please call me back.”

I’ve been sort of avoiding her.

Anyway, so here’s what I think I’d like… opinions are very much appreciated (so I can choose already).

White freesia (which I was told holds up to heat beautifully) and pink bouvardia (never heard of it either, but with my luck, these flowers will be expensive special-ordered and shipped from Thailand. Ha.)

Next up, Freesia accentuated with hypericum berries.

Or, what my florist would suggest:

a spray rose with a small white dendrobium orchid.