Boudoir Photography

Posted by leaton on Oct 06, 2009


Boudoir photography certainly isn’t for everyone, but even if you haven’t considered it before, now might be the time!  Think about it; you are about to get married, you’ve done your “bridal boot camp” and your dress fits like a dream!  You are probably in the best shape of your life, you’ve found your soul-mate and your confidence is high – why not document this time in a very unique way?

Boudoir sessions can be as mild or as wild as you like!  The key is to find a photographer that fits your comfort level and style.  Most of the time, boudoir sessions are more about what is implied, not what is actually shown in the images.  And you can of course edit down the images to keep your absolute favorites to give to your fiancée.

Having a hair stylist and makeup artist can help boost your comfort level as well.  We always include these in the sessions we provide because we feel that having 2-3 people that are all working on making you look your best can do great things for your confidence!  Also, Photoshop is a modern-day miracle.  Trust us, even the girls in the Victoria Secret catalog wouldn’t look THAT good without it!

Finding a boudoir photographer is easier than you might think – start first with your own wedding photographer.  If they don’t offer this service, they can most likely recommend someone who does.  Or just Google search “Boudoir Photography” in your city and browse the results.  Just like finding your wedding photographer, you’ll just know when you’ve found the photographer that matches your taste and style!