Bora Bora: Escape to Paradise

Posted by lfrazier on Mar 08, 2013

Dream of spending your honeymoon on a tropical island that’s romantic and far enough away from the rat race to be considered remote and maybe even a little exotic? If so, Bora Bora is calling.

This stunning getaway destination is found in Pacific Ocean’s Leeward chain and is considered one of the islands of Tahiti. With its ice blue waters and lush, tropical landscape it looks like a set created by a master moviemaker from Hollywood, but rest assured its attractions are not fictional.

When Bora Bora is your honeymoon destination, you’ll enjoy such luxuries as:

  • Nearly perfect weather – Bora Bora has a year-round average high temperature of about 84 degrees. Even in January, you’ll find the conditions here are ideal for getting away. While its lush vegetation does demand that a little rain must fall, most storms are isolated to a few months between November and April.
  • A landscape that defies reason – Conjure up an image of the most beautiful tropical island you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Now, add in turquoise waters that are so blue they practically glow. Throw in unusually shaped mountain peaks covered with thick, green vegetation and be sure to envision plenty of lagoons. That’s Bora Bora!
  • Romantic activities – Considering the landscape, it should come as no surprise that Bora Bora is considered one of the world’s most romantic honeymoon destinations. Here you can enjoy moonlit walks on the beach, enjoy lunch while taking in the view from a remote lagoon, hike to the top of the island’s mountain peaks to take in the view, go horseback riding and more.
  • Adventure – If you’d rather enjoy a more adventurous pace during your honeymoon, Bora Bora fits. Here you can go diving, explore ancient temples, visit World War II sites, get in a rough and tumble 4X4 to explore the island’s interior and much more. The shopping and dining are also sure to please.
  • Pampering – From its restaurants to its spas and hotels, you’ll find Bora Bora knows how to pamper its guests. Visitors here are treated first-class from the very second they step foot on the soil and throughout their entire stays. For honeymooners who want to enjoy the best Bora Bora has to offer, there are even hotels that offer romantic bungalows set over those famous turquoise waters!

Ready to make Bora Bora more than a dream? Just check with your honeymoon travel consultant for details.