Booked the Honeymoon!

Posted by bridalbuds on Apr 19, 2011

After countless days of trying to figure out a great package for our honeymoon and contacting travel agents…I finally booked our honeymoon.

{Allure of the Seas}

We have decided to go on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbeans on the newest and BIGGEST ship in the world called Allure of the Seas (Royal Caribbean).  My aunt told me that this was the most fun cruise she’s ever been on.  She told me it has the best entertainment and activities.  Even if you have to be stuck on the ship for all 7 days, there’s so much stuff to do that you won’t be bored!  Lol…so guess what I’m excited for the most?  Well, other then spending time with my future hubby.  I’m stoked about going on the giant water slide that starts from half of the ship to the front!!  =)  I’ll probably be the only adult in line amongst a whole bunch of kids anxiously trying to go on the slide.  And if those kids try to butt in front of me, they won’t hear the end of it!  JK of course.

Why a Cruise?
Even though it would be nice to stay in a nice hotel on the sandy beaches of Hawaii (which was our other option), I think we would get bored after a while.  We’re not the type that just can sit and relax all day.  Plus, I don’t want the hassle of planning excursions and contacting different people to see which one has a reasonable cost.  Not only that, your meal is covered on the cruise, there’s entertainment, on board activities, and if you’re a social butterfly…you’ll always get a chance to meet someone new.  =)  With the cruise, it has everything you need on one ship.  The crew pretty much plans everything for you…which is very nice after planning a wedding.  Furthermore, going on a cruise may be cheaper then going for a 7 day trip at a luxurious hotel.

Click Here for more info about the Allure of the Seas

Tips on Getting Better Rates for a Cruise:

Travel Agent– Sometimes when you book through a travel agent, they will give you special offers such as free onboard ship credit, dinner at a nicer restaurant (not included in your package), or spa treatments.  Plus, they may give you a lower rate then going through the cruising line.

Getting a Lower Price Right Before Making Full Payment: If you book your trip through the cruise line (royal carribean, NCL, carnival), they may offer you a lower price when the full amount is due.  Let’s say you paid the deposit 4-7 months in advance.  Usually the last day to make the full payment is 75 days before the sailing date.  Before the 75 days, you can always back out and get your deposit back in full refund if you decide not to go on the trip.  Now, once it hits the 75 day mark, you can contact the cruise line to see if the prices have lowered OR there are some special upgrades.  Many cruise lines will offer you the current lowered price or special upgrade if you ask. A lot of times, if the cruise doesn’t have a lot of booked rooms…the prices will drop.  SO, make sure to ask the cruise line if the price has lowered or if there are any special upgrades before making the final payment.  Your travel agent may do this…but some of them don’t as it may require more work for them to keep checking the prices for you.  Also, if you book through the cruise line, you don’t have to deal with a second party.  If there are any screw ups or mistakes you would only deal directly with them.

Shop Around: Before booking your cruise, make sure to shop around.  Call up different agents to see what prices they can get you and other special deals they could offer.  Other great traveling websites you should check out is travelocity and expedia.