Balancing Wedding Planning With Life’s Craziness

Posted by cotton on Feb 06, 2013

It has been a tumultuous beginning of 2013. With Mr. Cotton by my side, I just knew that I would get ahead of the game and knock this wedding planning out of the park in the first couple of months on the new year. However, life gets in the way of the best laid plans. Some of the surprises I’ve encountered in the first 30-ish days of 2013 are as follows:

  • My mom has breast cancer again. It had been about three years since the first time she was diagnosed. Thankfully, during one of her routine check ups this “second batch of cancer” was found in the early stages. My mom’s doctors are very optimistic that all of the cancer can be surgically removed, and there will be in no need of chemotherapy. My mom seems to have a great sense of humor about it all and calls her reconstructive surgery her “midlife boob job”. I love my mom; she is amazing! She keeps telling me that during her recovery time she’ll be wanting to plan wedding stuff to keep her mind busy. We’ll see how she’s feeling. (Who knows maybe this will lead to a breast cancer awareness bachelorette or bridal shower. Would that be too crazy?)

    I will have to get this shirt for Mr. Cotton to give to him after our wedding!

  • Mr. Cotton’s sister – a bridesmaid – has announced that she is pregnant! I’m going to be an aunt just a couple months after becoming a “Mrs.” I am thrilled!! I now have a board on Pinterest dedicated to future nieces and nephews. However, this does kinda put a kink in the bridesmaids’ outfitting. The dress I had picked out might not be suitable for Mr. Cotton’s pregnant sister. She says she still wants to be a part of the wedding, which is awesome, but I want to make her comfortable while does me this honor.
  • One of my bridesmaids might be traveling out of the country for an extended period. I got my information through one of her Facebook statuses. I have been trying to bring this up with her, but I get the feeling she’s avoiding me. I will not begrudge her if this is a good opportunity for her, but I would have liked to have gotten a heads up. I’m unsure how to handle this.
  • I was unsure if my sister was going to be a bridesmaid for quite sometime. Last night she told me she was willing and honored to be in the wedding!! I’m thrilled about this!

Although, there have been a few struggles along the way to planning “The Cotton Wedding,” there have also been many triumphs too! I brought home my dress from David’s Bridal a week ago! (I thought David’s Bridal was going to be a cookie cutter experience – unoriginal and bland – but I found the David’s Bridal in Amarillo to be the most amazing experience! The women in the shop made me feel beautiful and comfortable. I walked away with a dress that feels like it was designed with me in mind.)

I know that wedding planning and life in general can be difficult and overwhelming at times, but I don’t have a single doubt that all of it is worth it. The end goal is to be Mr. Cotton’s wife. No difficulties along the way will make any difference as long as I can marry my bestfriend on August 10th.