Bahamas…here we come!

Posted by bridalbuds on Aug 22, 2011

So a few weeks ago I blogged about where in the world Apricot Dude and I were going to go on our honeymoon. Well…..after lots of research, we decided to book our trip to the Bahamas! Apricot Dude and I were completely sold on the beautiful beaches, excellent reviews (both personal and from the internet), and a great professional recommendation from our travel agent.

So excited to play the course! I might even hit one in the ocean for the heck of it!

Here are just a few tips that we picked up on while working on our honeymoon plans. When looking at an all-inclusive resort, make sure you know what all is included. This leads me to my next tip and that is to work with a travel agent. Typically, there are not any extra fees associated with booking through your travel agent. Actually, you help them out quite a bit as they usually get a cut from the resort for booking a trip! Your travel agent should have a detailed layout of the inclusions from the resort. Another tid-bit I would share with those planning is to check into what extras or little bonuses you can have thrown into your package. Our awesome travel agent got us a $200 spa credit and $200 golf credit- both things I am SIKED about. My final tip is to ask questions if you don’t know the answer. We called Sandals to ask if airport transfers were included and sure enough- they were!

Our honeymoon villa suite!

My last piece of advice is to book early. Like our travel agent said, things aren’t going to become any cheaper. They will only grow in price. And if for some reason there is a decrease in price, you will typically be reimbursed in some fashion for the difference. So go out there and book your dream trip like Apricot Dude and I did!