Awesome Bouquets Used As Centerpieces

Posted by hchapple on Aug 21, 2009

I love these photographs from a wedding we designed a few weeks ago. We can thank The Observatory for capturing these images. My bride wanted all bold colors with bright chartreuse green. We created her bridal bouquet of hot pink Dahlias,  Nerine’s, Orchids, Roses, Gloriosa lily plus the very last of the Peonies. We added a filler flower called Alchemilla for the bright green pop.

We really went wild with the maids bouquets giving them tons of purple, deep pink, yellow, fushia tones and the bright green.  We used the Gloriosa Lily, yellow Tulips, purple Stock, hot pink Orchids, purple Phlox, mini green Hydrangea, hot pink Spray Roses and Purple Rain Freesia.

We put the majority of our money into the bouquets and then accented with fun details, like the ring bearer pillow. The goal was to make the bouquets so extraordinary and vibrant, that they could double for the centerpieces. This is a big job for one cluster of flowers.  I am amazed at how well it worked.  When you use glass vases you can clearly see that the bouquet is being reused. These vases found by the bride, were perfect for the job. They were heavy, not transparent, and the perfect height. They also came with a smaller matching vase that we used for the other half of the tables. The bride brought the vases out to my shop weeks in advance to get my approval. I highly advise seeking the guidance of your designer if you are going to purchase your own vessels.

We used a matching smaller vase to make the rest of the centerpieces. In those we used just green button mums. The overall look and feel of this wedding was beautiful. We can thank the bouquets for doing most of the work. If you want to try this, make the bouquets big, bold, and stunning.