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My wedding is in a location far from where I live, so I have to travel with my wedding gown. What is the best way to transport my gown while ensuring that it stays in prime condition for the big day?

Sally Conant of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists says: Whether you’re traveling near or far, it’s important to pack your wedding gown properly. Here are some of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists’ top tips for how to travel with your wedding gown.

How to Pack a Wedding Gown: Pack your wedding gown in a box or suitcase lined with tissue paper. Fold the gown neatly and buffer each fold with tissue paper to prevent creases. Make sure you use ample tissue paper to stuff the bodice of the gown and cushion any bows or sleeves. If your gown is beaded with prongs, put tissue over the prongs so that there are no snags. Once the suitcase or box is packed, the gown should not move when you shake the box.

Tips for Car Travel: If your bridal salon has already stuffed your wedding gown with tissue paper and packed it in a garment bag, leave it as is. If you do not have a garment bag, stuff the gown’s bodice and skirt folds with tissue paper and cover the front and back of your wedding gowns with two white bedsheets pinned together. In the car, hang your gown with the bodice facing the car door and lay the skirt on the seat.

Tips for Airplane Travel: Most airlines require you to put your wedding gown in the overhead bin. Call ahead and ask the airline for the dimensions of the bin. Then pack your gown, using the instructions above, in a box or suitcase that will fit into that space. There may be some wrinkles and creases afterward, but it’s safer than checking your gown with your luggage. The alternative would be to purchase a seat on the plane for your gown–which some brides do!

When You Arrive: Remove your gown from the box or suitcase as soon as you arrive at your destination and let it hang. If you find that your gown has developed some wrinkles while in transit, hang the gown in the bathroom and let a hot shower run with the door closed until the bathroom is filled with steam. The steam should help release any wrinkles.

You might also want to purchase a portable steamer. If you use a steamer, be sure to wrap the head of the steamer in a small towel before you steam your gown to avoid water spots.

Some hotels and wedding venues provide pressing service. Others charge a fee. You can also arrange to have your gown professionally pressed when you arrive at your wedding destination. Visit the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists’ website to find a certified gown specialist near you.