Capturing the REAL wedding photo’s

Posted by rnewton on May 29, 2009

The bride is, quite frankly, gorgeous.  And

Joanna Pinneo

photo by Joanna Keefe

the rest of the bridal party isn’t so bad either.  With all due respect to the very talented photographer (Joanna Keefe), gorgeous people (usually) look gorgeous in pictures.  Albums of gorgeous people are also, according to my friend and celebrity wedding photographer Christian Oth, a great tool for building a wedding business.  But beware, when you sit down with the photographer, and he or she begins to show you nothing but gorgeous people, beautifully attired and in stunning locations.  Divert thy gaze.

You need to look at the not-so-gorgeous.  Does the photographer make them look special?  interesting?  dignified?

photo by Angela Cappetta

Annie Leibovitz is a great example that just about everyone knows of.  Not all her subjects were rock stars (Queen Elizabeth, perhaps?)  But invariably they look like someone you would want to get to know and have a drink with.  The ooze character.  Their pictures tell a story.  Now, chances are that Annie will not shoot your wedding.  But local examples, such as New York’s wonderful Angela Cappetta, abound.

You should try to find them.  If you do, I promise that your wedding album will never gather dust.