As If I Needed More Stress

Posted by violet on Nov 07, 2012

Being a bride-to-be is hard work–we all know that between the designing, searching, paying for and putting together a wedding, you still have to be a regular person who eats, sleeps, breathes and goes to work or school. Not to mention trying to take care of a household and a fiance, who also has the same needs we do. It’s pretty rough!

For the most part, I’m handling the stress pretty well. I haven’t had any bridezilla meltdowns (yet), and I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done in the last month or so for the wedding. I’m starting to work out and watch my weight (since my biggest fear is at this point that I’m not going to fit in my dress when it comes time for me to try it on again!) I’m handling school and taking care of the house and my boys (Violet Dude and our two kitties), but then there was a bomb dropped on my plans.

As some of you may know, I’m going to graduate school for my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. It’s been an amazing first year in the program and I’m headed into my second year starting in January. Currently, we’re discussing and beginning to plan for our first clinical semester, where we’ll actually be going out into the field and practicing PT on patients with the help of some very amazing clinical instructors. We choose our clinical locations based on a lottery, which is fine. Except for the fact that we don’t currently have enough clinical locations for all 41 of our students and some of the locations are out of state or at least a two hour drive away.

So, what does this have to do with the wedding, you may ask? Well, if I happen to draw lottery number 41, I get stuck with whatever clinical location is left over after the other 40 students have chosen their locations. This could be in Chicago, New York or 4 hours away in Cincinnati, Ohio. This normally wouldn’t be a huge deal, except for the fact that if I did have to travel, I’d be gone for the three months before my wedding only to come back about three weeks before the big day.

So, I had to come up with a back-up plan in case this did happen because if I get stuck with an out-of-state or less than optimal location, I have to have a plan in place to make sure all the wedding stuff gets done without me losing my mind! I’ve started working diligently on designing and assembling some of the things that I would otherwise have waited to assemble, such as my centerpieces and my ribbon wands. I’ve started making my invitations a priority so that I can use the one month we get off for winter break to do other things like meet with the DJ or the photographer, if necessary.

I’ll be finding out on the 19th what my future will be for the three months before my wedding, and I’m hoping everything turns out in my favor, but the thought of school interfering with wedding plans had never really crossed my mind. Keep your fingers crossed for me, Garden! I’d greatly appreciate it.

I’d also appreciate comments! Did you have to deal with something similar prior to your wedding? Perhaps a job relocation or unexpected military deployment? How did you deal with it?