After Wedding (Un)Interest

Posted by morningglory on Nov 14, 2012

I’ve been a bad Blossom lately! I love blogging, and I am always looking for new things to blog about. Well, ever since I got married in September I have been extremely uninterested in blogging about wedding related things!

It’s so strange because like every girl, I was so excited for a wedding, and I figured the feeling would always stick even after I got married. Well, not so much! I unsubscribed from all the wedding blogs I followed, I unfollowed all the wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest and unsubscribed from wedding related emails. EVERYTHING wedding related is gone!

WHY Garden, WHY?!?!

Well, I’ll admit that the week of the wedding I was totally over it. I’m not sure if it’s common among brides, but I was so tired of answering questions, planning, re-planning and accommodating everyone else that I lost total interest. For example, I had a slight dilemma with my table numbers the day before and in total opposite fashion of Morning Glory Blossom, I picked the easy way out and settled for something not-so eye appealing, and it didn’t bother me. I said “Whatever! No one will notice or care.” The day before the wedding and the day of, I was calm, cool and collected which is SO not me. I’m always freaking out at the last-minute, getting mad about something or taking it out on MG Bear (poor guy).  So, it was an odd thing for my friends to see me so relaxed. My professional pictures have been in for almost a month now, and I still haven’t done anything with them and thank you notes–don’t even mention thank you notes! My office at home is an absolute mess with after wedding things I keep putting on the back burner!

So, my question is, am I the only one? Was anyone else totally over their wedding before it even happened? Or totally over all wedding related things after? I pinky promise to get more posts out soon since my pictures are done!