A Wedding Day Lip Gloss with a Great Cause

Posted by meg on Mar 09, 2010

Just because it’s no longer Breast Cancer Awareness month, doesn’t mean we should stop talking about this very serious matter. It also doesn’t mean we should stop helping to raise money for breast cancer.

SWAC_lipglossPurple Lab’s creatrix Karen Robinovitz understands this and has given us one of the best products I’ve seen in years: SWAC (Sealed with a Cure) lip-gloss. Before I get into the amazing story behind this lip-gloss, lets’ talk about how great it feels to wear it. The lip-gloss goes on smooth and silky without being sticky. But don’t think its one of those non-sticky lipglosses that goes on like water and lasts about 20 minutes; this gloss stays on for hours. The color is a shimmering pale pink so you can literally wear it anytime, anywhere and it’s scented with a hint vanilla so it smells delicious. Now to the great back-story: a portion of the proceeds from each SWAC lip-gloss sold goes to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. “The Triple Negative what?” you ask yourself? Yeah, I had no idea what it was before last week either. Turns out it’s an extremely aggressive form of cancer that affects younger woman. Sounds like something you should be aware of right? The lip-gloss color itself is named ‘Nancy’, in honor of Nancy Block-Zenna who lost her fight with triple negative breast cancer two and a half years after her diagnosis. Even better than all of this? SWAC is available all year round , not just for one month out of the year. So, you can wear it on your wedding day, know it will stay through the ceremony, and you’re benefiting an awesome cause!

Thank you Karen Robinovitz for creating such a great product with such an important cause!

For more information on triple negative breast cancer, please go to www.tnbcfoundation.org.