A Snapdragon Proposal

Posted by snapdragon on Apr 11, 2012

I figure the best place to start my wedding-planning journey here on Bridal Buds is with the very beginning of every bride-to-be’s journey: the proposal!

On the Friday before Christmas 2011, Mr. Snapdragon and I were getting ready to head back to his hometown to spend Christmas with his family. We woke up early to get the car packed, and also to exchange our presents before hitting the road. Now, Mr. Snapdragon had my gifts wrapped and under the tree for a week, and for the life of me I could not figure out what was in these four odd-sized boxes. We traded turns opening presents, and he brought mine over to me, one by one. Two cute prints to put up somewhere in the house and an avocado cuber I’d added on Pinterest. I truly liked these things, and when he brought over the last present, I was curious to see what was in it.

Now, to help you understand the background on my last present: Earlier that season we had gone out and bought  these two cute S’mores ornaments to help decorate our Christmas tree. Mine had popcorn on it and Mr. Snapdragon’s was a baseball player.

We loved our new, sweet little ornaments!

Well, my last Christmas gift I opened from Mr. Snapdragon was this new S’mores ornament.

I was really confused, because this was definitely not our first Christmas together, but then it finally clicked that the characters were a bride and a groom, and, you know, the whole fact that at this point Mr. Snapdragon had gotten down on one knee and was asking me to marry him…. after all that, it finally registered with me.

He had told absolutely no one of his plan. He wanted it to be a surprise not only to me, but to everyone else we knew. On top of that, he had no help on choosing the ring, either. I’m definitely not the kind of girl to drop hints about what kind of ring I would like (and I purposely never pinned any rings because I never wanted him to feel pressured), so the fact that he chose such a beautiful ring that’s totally unique makes it even more special.

A beautiful round cut encircled with sapphires, and a diamond-lined band.

I don’t know anyone else with a ring that looks like mine… I love how different it is! And hey, I already have my “something blue!”

It was such a sweet, completely unexpected proposal. Although we’d been together for nearly three-and-a-half years at this point, I was totally thrown off.

I immediately called my parents and told them the big news. My dad was so ecstatic he was already on the phone spreading the news while I was still on the other line with my mom!

When we got to Eric’s mom’s house, we decided to play a little game to see how long it would take her to notice my ring (keep in mind: Eric never told his mom his plan, either). We were there for about 45 minutes before she noticed – and we had to point it out to her even then! Luckily, she was incredibly happy about the surprise, and the rest of the day was spent on the phone and on Facebook letting everyone know the happy news. I’ll tell you: The first day or two after you get engaged is exhausting! But it’s such an incredible feeling, too. Sometimes, even nearly four months later, I’ll look down and be taken back by the sparkly ring on my finger.